Credit Card Pre-authorisations

When you check in, we create a credit card pre-authorisation against your card for an amount between $100 and $200. This requests your bank to guarantee that a future charge against that amount will be possible. Your bank will place a hold on these funds so that it can make that guarantee. This authorisation is used as a bond to guarantee payment for charges such as telephone calls, broken items, bed cleaning (e.g. your child wet the bed), or excess cleaning.

Who holds this bond?
The pre-authorisation will create a “pending charge” in your account. Although the amount is frozen and not available to be used, the actual money is never transferred to us, it is just held by your bank. This pre-authorised amount will sometimes be shown on your statement as a pending transaction, but more usually there is nothing on your statement.

Charges to the bond?
If we make a charge to the credit card after you have departed (whether we have a pre-authorisation or not), we will always send you an updated statement showing the charge and payment with an explanation of why the charge was necessary. If this charge was taken from the pre-authorisation, it should then release the remainder of the pre-authorised funds to you.

Who releases this bond?
For more than 99% of our guests, there is no need to charge your card after checkout. If we do not charge the pre-authorisation, after 5 to 7 working days your bank should automatically cancel the pending charge and make the funds available to you again. There is often nothing on your statement to show that the hold was taken or released. Please note that the period taken to release the funds is determined solely by your bank.

Why can’t the hotel release this?
The bank does not provide us with a method to cancel this pre-authorisation. However, if we make a charge to the pre-authorised amount, the remainder of the hold should be immediately cancelled and returned to you. If the hold has not been released within a week, at your request we can charge the pre-authorisation with the minimum charge of $0.01 in order to trigger this release.

I haven’t received my bond back
If you find that your bank has not released these funds back to you after 14 days, please contact your bank to request them back. If your bank requires us to email or fax them information prior to them releasing the funds, please provide us with all of the details that they require and we will be happy to do so.