Watermark Resort on the Sunshine Coast now provides free Wifi internet for all of our guests. Inside your apartment, or outside at the pool or waterfront, all guests now have completely free and unlimited1 WiFi internet access.

For a long time we had the cheapest price for unlimited1 internet in Caloundra and the Sunshine Coast, as well as having one of the fastest internet connections. Now we have taken it to the next level and recognised that internet access provides yet another aspect of a quality resort holiday.

Internet access gives you the ability to finish some work emails, research destinations, book tickets online, keep the kids occupied or just post to Facebook about how great the resort is. Of course you were always able to do that with your mobile phone, but the connection isn’t that fast and you have to worry about how much of your data plan you are using.

Our change to free, unlimited1 internet takes away that unnecessary worry, and brings you yet another way to kick back and relax at Watermark Resort.


1. We prioritize usage of our available bandwidth to ensure the best experience for all of our guests. Normal usage of the internet is not limited by either downloads or speed, however your internet access speed will be automatically restricted in certain situations, e.g. if you attempt large downloads, use bittorrent, kazaa or other peer-to-peer software, or access illegal websites.