Group Reservations


Watermark Resort Caloundra welcomes groups to stay with us. This document outlines our terms and conditions for all group reservations.

The hotel reserves the right in its sole discretion to consider multiple reservations made by members of the same group, club, association, family or event as a single group reservation for the purpose of determining the total number of units being reserved.

These group reservation conditions apply to ALL reservations of 5 or more units. Any group reservation with 2 or more units may optionally book under these conditions.


Discounts from our advertised direct booking rates are provided to all reservations made direct with us under the group terms and conditions. Reservations made via a travel agent or online agent do not qualify for any discount. The discount is based on the final number of units actually used after all cancellations and modifications are considered. Deposits must be paid on time for discounts to be received.

Number of unitsDirect BookingAgent Booking
1 to 4 units5% discountNo discount
5 or more units8% discountNo discount

Deposit & Payment

Deposits must be received at time of reservation. Full payment for all apartments must be made prior to arrival. Conditions of stay at Watermark Resort Caloundra require full payment prior to check-in. To ensure that group check-in is not delayed, please ensure full payment is made prior to arrival.

Discounts are provided on the basis that your group follows all of the terms and conditions of the reservation, including paying all deposits on time and in full. We reserve the right to reduce the discount offered to your group, or cancel the booking completely if deposits are not received in a timely manner.

Payments may be made via:

  • Visa, Mastercard or EFTPOS (no surcharge)
  • American Express (3.2% surcharge)
  • Direct bank transfer
TimingDirect BookingAgent Booking
At reservation$100 per unit$100 per unit
4 weeks before arrival25% of total50% of total
2 weeks before arrival100% of total100% of total


The following fees apply for cancellations of individual units or the entire reservation. Cancellation notice periods are measured in clear calendar days prior to the date of check-in.

Direct BookingAgent Booking
More than 4 weeksFree$100 per unit
More than 2 weeks25% per unit50% per unit
Less than 2 weeks100% per unit100% per unit

For direct bookings only, we permit free cancellation of 1 unit up until 2 weeks prior to arrival in recognition of the difficulty group organisers have in knowing the final numbers until close to the arrival date.

For direct bookings only, if we can re-let any cancelled units for approximately the same length of time and rate, the cancellation fee will be reduced to $100.

Room Allocations

We will not guarantee any specific room allocations, however we will allocate rooms to your requirements as best as we are able.

We will supply your group with a list of units with:

  • unit identifier (1, 2, 3, etc) which is unrelated to the actual unit number
  • unit type (2 or 3 bedroom, Standard/Superior/Waterfront/etc)
  • unit bedding style (queen and 2 singles, queen and 4 singles, etc)

The actual allocated room numbers will only be supplied on check-in.

We require you to supply us with a list of all guests and the room identifier that the guest will be allocated to. This will allow us to answer questions from members of the group as to which unit other guests are in, and to manage the distribution and allocation of unit keys.


We require payment of a $500 bond as security on the room for all group bookings. This may be paid either by direct transfer with refund, or via a pre-authorisation on a credit card.

Additions & Modifications

We will try our best to fulfil all requests for additions and modifications at no charge, however no guarantee is provided that the modification will be possible.

We reserve the right to cancel a booking

  • If no deposit or insufficient deposit has been received as per the deposit policy, or
  • By giving notice to the client of more than 2 calendar months for bookings up to 10 units or 4 calendar months for bookings of more than 10 units.
  • If the hotel cancels a booking due to the client having insufficient deposit, refund of deposit monies is according to the cancellation policy.
  • If the hotel cancels a booking for reasons other than issues with deposits, all deposit monies will be refunded in full to the client.

Conditions of Stay

Groups are expected to abide by the same conditions of stay that all other guests do. Some of our more prominent rules are:

  • No smoking – we are a completely non-smoking unit complex including our balconies and common areas. Smoking areas and ashtrays are provided for guests who smoke. There will be $200 cleaning charges levied against guests who smoke on balconies or in rooms.
  • No parties – we do not permit any parties in our units or common areas. Guests who have parties may be asked to leave without refund.